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When opening a beauty salon, we should first put all focus on the arrangement and design of the space. It should have a designer atmosphere and a subtle charm which affects the well-being of customers. Our interior designers build the right atmosphere for this type of activity.

Our process of cooperation with the client allows you to jointly create a salon that seduces with its aesthetics, while providing your guests with comfort and convenience. Creating a well-thought-out design of a beauty salon also allows you to easily obtain approval from Sanepid for running such a place. In this type of activity, the most important thing is that the interior immediately evokes positive associations in customers – with professionalism, safety, and occupational health.

The Beautiful Minds offer is a comprehensive solution to the design of beauty salons – from the very beginning, you have an impact on the overall design of the project which starts from the general idea for the arrangement of space through all equipment, type of materials used, colors, and the smallest details.

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