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Investment properties are gaining more and more popularity on the Polish real estate market. These small flats are chosen by buyers mainly for rent. They are often also the first apartments of young people who are just starting their own life.

Due to the small size, it is so important to cooperate with a professional design office when finishing such a place. An architect with vision and experience will skillfully use the opportunities hidden in the small size of the apartment.

Designers from the Beautiful Minds office will create an individual project with you, using 100% of a small space of an investment property. From the first meeting, we will get to know your needs and preferences, we will choose solutions ideally suited to the budget and the effect you care about. We will initially discuss the main ideas for interior design.

Our multi-stage process of cooperation with the client allows us to make corrections at every stage, and also gives full control over the costs and the way of making all details.

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