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Interior Design Turnkey

From A to Z – Project and Turnkey Finishing with Beautiful Minds

With our clients in mind, we have prepared an offer for extended supervision over the project’s implementation, including:

  • Execution of works by proven contractors,
  • Development of a work schedule for all execution teams,
  • Schedule management and ongoing communication with contractors,
  • Implementation of alternative solutions if necessary,
  • Pre-ordering selected finishing materials and furniture,
  • Coordination of material and furniture deliveries.
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Turnkey Interior Design

Whether it’s a home or an apartment, it is a private space that should be a comfortable oasis, conducive to relaxation, and safe for all residents. However, achieving an interior that is both comfortable and maximally functional during self-finishing and furnishing is not easy. It doesn’t matter if you’ve just bought your first apartment and want to furnish it or if you’re an investor planning rental property. Designing and finishing interiors turnkey is a time-consuming process, so it’s worth taking advantage of our comprehensive services, which include, in addition to the design, supervision over its implementation in Warsaw and the Mazowieckie Voivodeship.

Turnkey Interior Design Projects

The decision to buy an apartment or a house is an investment for many years. Every owner wants the construction project and the interior to meet their individual expectations. The proper arrangement of space proposed by an experienced architect is the first stage of the long process of finishing a turnkey project. Usually, several months pass before the plans are translated into reality, and each room is furnished for immediate occupancy. Therefore, it is worthwhile to save your time and entrust the supervision of the entire process to a team with years of experience and a background of professional contractors – for several reasons.

Turnkey finishing of an apartment, as well as turnkey finishing of a house, is a complex process. In both cases, it starts at the design stage, where details that many of us forget are established. The placement of radiators, sockets, and appliances requiring connection to water and sewage installations is crucial. Their location determines the network of pipes and cables in the floors and walls, affecting subsequent construction work that takes place before typical finishing work begins.

Another equally important issue is ensuring the delivery of all necessary materials for finishing. During interior design, colors are chosen, and then suitable paints and materials are selected. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase panels, parquet, or tiles in specific patterns and quantities. It is also important for the order to arrive precisely on time so that work goes according to schedule without additional delays. At this point, it is also important to consider the execution teams. Finding reliable professionals who can implement the project and coordinate them with each other is often a challenge, especially when we have a strictly defined budget, specific deadlines, and need several different teams of specialists.

Turnkey finishing also includes other tasks related to the delivery of ordered equipment. Therefore, if you opt for such a service, you don’t have to worry about when the table and sofa will arrive, who will install the fixtures in the bathroom and kitchen, and who will assemble and place all the furniture. In addition to wardrobes and cabinets, flowers and small decorations included in the arrangement will also find their place. In such a situation, others coordinate actions and check whether the result is in line with the plan, and also ensure when everything will be brought to the place.

As you can see, logistical supervision over this entire process is not easy, so we encourage you to entrust it to us. Turnkey interior design in Warsaw in our offer includes joint preparation and adaptation of the project to your individual needs, as well as finishing the interior so that you can move in immediately after receiving the keys.

Comprehensive Turnkey Finishing of Apartments and Houses

Arranging apartments and houses, as well as comprehensive interior finishing, is a multistage, time-consuming task. We can perform it for you within your specified budget, with attention to every detail at every stage of cooperation. Our individual approach ensures that all rooms are unique because our designers prepare non-trivial interior arrangements tailored to expectations.

Comprehensive turnkey finishing of an apartment in Warsaw, as part of our service, is extended supervision carried out on the implementation of the approved project on your behalf. We set the work schedule for all execution teams and coordinate their work at every stage. Thanks to constant contact with contractors, we are up to date with all progress and any inconveniences. In this way, we immediately propose and implement alternative solutions if necessary. This applies to both finding materials for finishing work and ordering equipment or accessories for the arrangement. This allows us to update the schedule and inform you systematically. Moreover, if you do not have selected specialists, we can also provide reliable professionals offering high-quality services and a guarantee for the work performed.

Finishing a house turnkey in Warsaw in our offer includes the same as in the option for an apartment or house. In this case, we also act comprehensively, offering work management, ordering finishing materials and furniture that we have chosen together, and coordinating all deliveries. The interior equipment that arrives on site after the work is completed will not wait for you, it will be installed exactly as planned and visualized in the project. You don’t have to arrange anything yourself, as each addition will already be in its place when you receive the keys.

Remember, thoughtful and well-executed interior design of a house or apartment will provide satisfaction for many years. Therefore, take advantage of the services of our Beautiful Minds design office, including interior design with turnkey finishing in Warsaw and the Mazowieckie Voivodeship. If you have any questions or want to know details, contact us today by email or phone.


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