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Projektowanie wnętrz i domów w Hiszpanii tło

Interior Design for Homes and Apartments in Spain

Do you have a house or apartment in Spain and are looking for an interior designer with a construction team? See what we can do for you!

Collaborating with Beautiful Minds in the Spanish market goes beyond just interior design. Our services include:

  • Service in the English language,
  • Assistance in obtaining permits for construction work at Town Hall,
  • Preparation of a project with 3D visualizations,
  • Implementation of works by proven contractors from Spain and Poland,
  • A network of Polish carpenters and specialists,
  • Development and management of a work schedule for all execution teams,
  • Ordering and coordination of material and furniture deliveries.

Many of our projects involve interior design on the sunny coast of Spain – in the tourist region of Costa Blanca, near Alicante and Torrevieja, and in the south in the Costa del Sol region.

Interior Design in Spain with the Implementation of Houses and Apartments

Properties in Spain are often purchased by those who want to escape our gray winters, enthusiasts of this corner of the world, or investors offering apartment rentals. The most popular destination is the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, with enchanting beaches all year round – including cities like Alicante or Torrevieja. However, not only this area but the whole country attracts with its sunny weather, unique climate, and delicious regional cuisine. Designing and executing the arrangement of a purchased home or apartment can be a challenge, so we encourage you to use our interior design services in Spain.

Interior Design Projects for Homes in Spain – Sunny Costa Blanca and Beyond

Choosing to buy a home doesn’t always mean finding one that meets all expectations. For this reason, sometimes the rooms require a major, and sometimes just a small renovation or a slight rearrangement. In such a situation, it is worth seeking the help of an experienced architect who will design the interior according to individual needs.

A house in Spain is, after all, a significant investment, so it’s worth taking care of every aspect and adapting it to your preferences. The building itself and its location do not influence how it will look inside. So, whether you dream of a modern living room, a bright kitchen, and an avant-garde bedroom, or if you like local architecture and want to preserve it – it doesn’t matter. Whether you want the dining room and living room to be connected, and you love the color red – if the architectural design allows it, we will adjust the interior of the Spanish house to your individual needs and expectations.

Apartment Projects in Spain

Investing in an apartment seems like a less complicated venture. However, even in this case, there is often a need for a small renovation or the purchase of new equipment. Therefore, when arranging interiors in Spanish apartments, it is worth using the services of a professional.

Designing apartments in Spain or ordinary apartments always requires careful consideration. This space, like a house, can have beautiful and large windows through which nature will peek inside. Decorations can refer to regional folklore, and lamps can come from local craftsmen. Or vice versa – interior design can be in an industrial style. It all depends on the vision you have for interior design. After all, it will be a haven for you or your clients.

Professional Interior Design in Spain with Implementation

Arranging the interior and finishing it, especially for people who do not live in Spain on a daily basis, is a considerable challenge. We will help you design or redesign rooms and finish them according to your requirements while maintaining a specific budget. We are well acquainted with the Spanish market and have already designed and implemented several rental apartments on the Costa Dourada coast, as well as beautiful homes on the Costa Blanca. If your dream destination is Torrevieja, Alicante, or surrounding towns – it’s a great choice! We will gladly help you design the interior you dream of.

In our offer, we have the development of interior design projects with 3D visualizations, allowing you to see your dream rooms before they are created. Proficiency in Spanish and English allows us not only to create individual, non-trivial projects but also to carry out their implementation. Cooperation with contractors from Poland and Spain allows for the selection of products and furniture on both the Spanish and Polish markets. If you prefer, we can also commission the production of all equipment only from Polish carpenters, with whom we have been creating interiors for years. In addition, we offer coordination of the schedule of executive works and making purchases on your behalf, overseeing material deliveries.

Remember, buying property in Spain is an investment for many years. So, if you have invested in a house or apartment in Spain and are looking for a Polish designer, take advantage of our comprehensive service. We will guide you through the entire process from design through implementation and help you create a unique Spanish interior for yourself or your clients. Do you have questions? Contact our Beautiful Minds office today.


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